Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Best Fundraiser Ever!

We recently launched our latest school design for fundraising and boy has it been a huge hit for all the schools involved. It has been our Alma Mater design and many of our schools can't keep the shirts stocked long enough.

Lisa Smentek is the director for the Allen HS Tallenettes located in Allen, TX and she has currently purchased 688 Alma Mater tees to sell. Here is the shirt they have been selling to their schools/community.

I believe that she has basically sold every last one of them. Read what she has to say about this particular fundraiser:

This t-shirt has been the "Best" fundraiser ever!!!! Amii chose a truly unique design including our Alma Mater and our mascot in a retro style font that was the coolest shirt I ever saw. Our boosters marketed the shirt at lunches, we sent samples to every school for faculty to purchase and the local Bar-B-Que restaurant at the stadium gives us set-up privileges every home game. We can't keep our stock in!!! Yesterday I (received) a shipment of another 144 shirts and by 5 PM we were down to 12!!!!! What a great dilemma to have!!!! Not only has it been great for the treasury, but it has really brought the town together and given our program a GREAT image in our community. I can't wait until next year to see what Amii can design for us!!!

We actually made $9 and $10 profit per shirt. All we have left are our samples at the elementary schools. (18) We also sold to the girls for $10 to have them wear them as promotional. That was HUGE!!! They wore them the day before they went on sale - students went NUTS!!! I was really blown away with the sales to adults!!!! We sold probably as many adult shirts as students!! It is so cool going to Hobby Lobby, Lowe's, Kroger and seeing our shirt on someone in the store!!

Lisa - Allen High School Tallenettes

The Tallenettes have made about $5000 PROFIT in a little over 2 weeks. They have several dates, such as Homecoming, that they know will be big selling days for them. Way to go AHS Tallenettes for your great fundraising profit!! We can't wait to here what all of that fundraising money is going towards!

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