Thursday, February 5, 2009

From Start to Finish

Here is an example below of how we can take a drawing and translate it into a working piece of art for shirts.

The West Brook Stars in Beaumont, TX gave us this rough sketch on ruled paper back in January at TDEA.

Cindy then created this art for both the front and the back based on the drawing.

Next, the art was put on the garments that had been selected so that the Stars could see a virtual of what the finished printing would look like.

An order form was then created to email to West Brook so they could print it out and make copies to pass out.

What's really cool about the order form is that the West Brook Stars had initially planned on ordering a total of 72 shirts but after passing out the order form, they were able to sell 144 shirts!

Here is what Tisha and Stacey, of the West Brook Stars, had to say about TRENDY expressions:

“We have been using TRENDY expressions for years and we have
NEVER been disappointed. Not only is the service and product outstanding, but
the thing we love best is that we can simply give Cindy and Amii an idea and
they run with it and come up with a very unique and great shirt for all of our
needs. They are incredible!”

Yeah! Thank you West Brook for being such wonderful people to work with! Once the West Brook Stars receive their shirts, we will post a picture of the final product!

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